The Remnants


Sometimes a fresh sound comes from unexpected places. The members of this band come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but share in common a wealth of musical experience going back decades. Founder Ralph Tourkow had enjoyed a lengthy run with a well-respected area group, the Answer Band. But sometimes the story of a band has a beginning, middle and end, and when it came time for Answer Band members to move on to the next chapter of their lives, Tourkow found himself without a band…

Fortunately he had recently gotten to know keyboardist and guitarist Tom Gust, who happened to also be in the market for something fresh and new. They felt they needed a guitarist and vocalist who could “handle the high parts”, and got in touch with Stevie Lunn, who also just happened to be looking for an exciting change. Add drummer / vocalist  Dave Schnellbach and  vocalist Kathy Pauquette to the mix, and what emerged was a solid sound, great attitude, and all around good time.


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