Sole Travelers


This Atlanta, Georgia based band known as Sole Travelers came together with singers and musicians who had a passion for music and to take every song and make it their own. They have a soulful bluesy groove that speaks to every crowd, young and old. They have combined the talents into a circle of Blues, Rock and Americana music that will bring you to your feet.

With Jeanie Marie on lead vocals, Mike Edwards on vocals/lead guitar/slide guitar/harmonica, Larry Aquilino on drums and Vince Hagood on vocals and bass will bring the house down with a sound all their own.

Jeanie Marie on legal vocals is no stranger to the music scene. Following in her daddy’s footsteps who was a gifted vocalist and musician. She vowed to keep his music alive and she is doing just that. She brings up a soulful blend of blues and if you listen closely you will hear a little hint of country in her voice. She can be soft and sultry or knock your socks off with her powerful dynamic range. Unbelievable that a big voice comes out of this little woman.

Mike Edwards a gifted songwriter on vocals/lead guitar/slide guitar/harmonica who can captivate the audience with his unique style of soulful blues. Formerly of KingMuddfish with three CD’s under his belt puts on a show you certainly do not want to miss.

Larry Aquilino on drums is no stranger to the music scene playing with well known bands as Fog Hat, Confederate Railroad, Mother’s Finest to name a few. He kicks out a rhythm on the drums that certainly puts him in the range of the best of the best.

Vince Haywood on bass can knock some licks out. A very talented guy who also sings his heart out. Playing locally for many years and now we have the pleasure of welcoming him on board with Sole Travelers. So happy to have found this guy to be a part of the Sole Travelers family.

With a wealth of experience under their belt, they bring a new and refreshing sound that you won’t easily forget. They put on a performance that shows clearly the passion that comes from deep within the core of music. This is certainly a band you need to watch out for. They are about to explode on a stage near you.


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