With raucous guitar riffs, velvety vocals and hook-laden melodies, Simplified has been hailed as one of music’s most interesting and, ironically, most complex bands on the circuit today. Described as “funky, reggae, roots rock & roll”, the rollicking quartet has not only stunned critics with their intricate songwriting and versatile stage show but also managed to create a sound all their own … a sound that appears to be stimulating the masses.


In fact, in just eight years since the band’s inception, Simplified has not only performed more than 2,500 shows, but they have also earned the respect of such renown artists as O.A.R., whose saxophone player Jerry Depizzo produced their latest album. But don’t be fooled. Simplified’s journey hasn’t always been an easy one. The band has done everything – from the writing, recording and even the distribution of their four albums – completely on their own.


“We have worked extremely hard over the course of a few years and have released three studio records, one live album, an E.P. and three music videos as an independent entity without a record label,” said Simplified guitarist Chris Sheridan. That’s not the only thing the band has done on its own. They’ve also managed to continue to reinvent themselves with each and every new record – a feat not often seen in today’s sedentary music scene.



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