Robert Bilbo Walker

Robert Bilbo Walker

Robert “Bilbo” Walker Jr. (born February 19, 1937) is a blues musician. who is known in the blues music world due to his “rock ‘n’ roll showmanship” and “flamboyant Chuck Berry imitations.”

Walker was born near Clarksdale, Mississippi. Walker Sr. was often referred to by his nickname, Bilbo, which was then passed onto to Walker Jr., who was also sometimes called Little Junior Bilbo.[2] Walker began to explore music after his sister’s boyfriend introduced him to Ike Turner. After spending 17 years in Chicago, Illinois with his friend David Porter, Walker moved to the area around Bakersfield, California and started a farm growing such commodities as watermelon and cotton.[2] During this time, he continued to perform at local bars in the California area, as well as in Chicago and Clarksdale when on visits. He currently still resides in California.

In 1997, Walker released his first album, Promised Land, and followed it with two more records, 1998’s Rompin’ & Stompin’ and 2001’s Rock the Night.

2008-Currently, Walker and crew are working with upcoming musician/producer Alex “AOK” OKonski on some recordings, live gigs and other musical endeavors. “Robert is one of the last living/functioning Mississippi Delta Blues musicians alive”, says OKonski…

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