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Mississippi John Doude is blues, rock, folk and country all rolled into one, yet none of these would quite describe his unique style.  With a sound that’s as swampy as snake oil, and as gritty as the cloud of dust on a dry dirt road, MJD’s sweaty blues riffs pull you in like quicksand, while his driving beats hypnotize like tribal war drums, creating a juke joint trance that’s infectiously nasty.   From barn-burning country bluegrass to delta blues, MJD’s stripped down roots music takes you back to where American music began.

At shows, people invariably stomp their feet, clap, whoop and holler a lot.  They just can’t seem to help it.  The steady throb of the kick drum is infectious, and the swampy sound of an old  dobro and finger-picked guitar just gets people excited.  With the addition of a bass player,  the duo, “Mississippi John Doude’s Voodoo Panther” is taking the Southeastern circuit by storm.

Following his debut solo release in 2007, on Blues Mutation Records, MJD has been touring the southeast, gathering momentum as his “anti-band” approach earns him the respect of seasoned musicians and local party-goers alike.   With full digital distribution,  placement in local record outlets,  growing radio support on SE college radio stations, and increasing satellite radio exposure, MJD continues to build a fan base across the SE, and beyond.  The sophomore release, “Voodoo Panther” will be released on March 12, 2009.  This independently released cd will be distributed through Skeeter Hawk Record, out of Hattiesburg, MS, and MJD will be touring the Southeast through the spring in support thereof.

Growing up in Mississippi exposed John to a unique blend of music and culture, which is  reflected in his songs.  From church, where his parents led the singing every time the doors were open, to the juke joints he would slip off to on the weekends, music was always his therapy, his escape.  “I was actually forbidden from listening to blues, rock, and country by my family.  That’s probably why I love them so much.”

MJD is first and foremost, a songwriter, spinning yarns of tragedy and murder, of love lost and hope found, and of the desperation born of hard times.  Representing the traditional  music of poor Southerners, MJD’s songs conjure images of abandoned shacks overrun with kudzu,  old-time tent revivals, and run-down fish houses.  Blending musical styles of groups who rarely interact,  MJD’s music celebrates the common elements of all humanity, while crucifying the perceptions that drive us apart.   At times, lighthearted and at others, serious,  MJD’s music is undeniably genuine.  “…at some point in my development , I quit trying to be anything in particular, and just let whatever comes naturally, happen.” says John, “Truly inspired music flows through you, not from you.”

In February, 2009, MJD was announced as a finalist in the MSCOOP songwriting contest, judged by Jimbo Mathis & Luther Dickenson.   In addition, MJD announced a partnership with SkeeterHawk Records to distribute & promote his audio catalogue, beginning March 12.

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