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Originally formed in Athens, Ga. in 2007, Mama’s Love continues to call The Classic City its home. Like the town where the band resides, its sound is progressive with hints of classic tones. Mama’s Love rips original compositions full of complex instrumental arrangements overlaid with soulful lyrics. Live performances are delivered with high quality and energy that true music fans respect. The band maintains an immense passion for song structure, using attractive melodies to tell timeless stories. The quality of the band’s songs sets them apart in today’s diverse music scene, where anything goes. The band describes its musical genre as Harvest Rock – a style of music that emerges when a group of artists maintain a conscious connection to musical traditions of the past, while searching for that classic cultivation in the present. Mama’s Love seeks to revive the roots of pure rock music, creating their songs from the seeds of tradition and time.

Continuous touring has built a devoted fanbase across Southeastern college towns and major music markets. The members are reaching their prime, with influences like Little Feat, The Grateful Dead, and Steely Dan, they play with rare maturity and integrity. The demand to play in clubs, theaters, and college events across the country has been increasing with the rise of their musicianship, and “the buzz” that follows.

Thomas Galloway, lead singer and guitarist, approaches his songwriting craft with pure commitment, letting each take form within his “serving the song” attitude. He harnesses the essence of a spiritual and surreal plane: the realm of his music-infused imagination. Galloway creates a folklore within the collection of songs that weaves through western landscapes, tall tales, conflicts of love, nostalgic memories, and poetic observations on divinity. All his lyrics are expertly crafted and delivered, an element that stands out the first time you hear the band. By the second show, Mama’s Love will have you singing along.

Galloway’s song-writing takes flight through the powerful creativity and energetic playing of his bandmates. Whit Murray on lead guitar plays with speed and agility, lending an off-key pull to jams that makes them pleasantly dark and menacing. William Boyd on keyboards presents the foil to Murray. His playing is melodic and cheerful — leading the band through complex song structures with expert, graceful skill. The rhythm section of Bo Nicholson on bass and Ben Torbert on drums is a combination of thunder and lightning, creating a perfect storm of raw, driving power. The superb vocal harmonies lay above this foundation to create the band’s full-force original sound.

Together, they make a pure and natural kind of rock that hinges on solid song structure, aggressive playing, catchy hooks, and zero obedience to the trends of late. The success of Mama’s Love today springs from devoted fan support, energetic live performances, and an ever-growing arsenal of classic songs.



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