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Jason Ricci and New Blood mix blues, rock, funk, eastern, and jazz into a seamless cohesion both eclectic and idiosyncratic while always avoiding cliché’s and histrionics. Television, radio, and literary critics compare them to acts as diverse as The Rolling Stones, John Coltrane, and Lou Reed. Modern day parallels also include acts ranging from Government Mule to Prince and the Revolution. New Blood always delivers a level of musical virtuosity, while effortlessly keeping the fun, angst and energy of a Punk Rock band, with the skill, refinement and reflection typical of a Jazz ensemble.

As a Blues band JR&NB have individually and collectively won various accolades and distinguished awards from blues societies all over the world. Ricci and the boys play many notable blues venues, festivals and events while continuing expansion in this genre.

As a Jam Band, tapers have archived shows from the shores of France and Belgium to San Francisco and weekly Internet downloads, often in the thousands, have surpassed heavily bootlegged acts such as The Grateful Dead and Phish. Jason Ricci’s new CD “Blood On The Road” sold over 12,000 copies in under a year from stage, by word of mouth and through the Internet and without the help of record labels, national distributors, or publicists.

As a mainstream rock and roll band they were listed in the Mercury News “Top Ten shows of 2005” along side Prince, Rush, and Green Day. Jason Ricci and New Blood are a group of young, seasoned rockers who balance soul and virtuosity, defy category, amaze critics while securing bigger festivals and venues over 300 days per year.

“As a lover of live music, a JRNB show is absolutely exhilarating. Imagine the best virtuoso-filled “jam band” you’ve ever seen (think early ’90’s Phish, old Fleck tones, Allmans, Robert Randolph, Derek Trucks, etc.) and then double the energy and stage presence.” -Blake Taylor (Writer for Cincinnati City Beat in response to Brad Kava’s story for the Mercury News San Francisco/L.A./San Jose see full story at www.blogs.mercurynews.com/aei/2006/02/review_jason_ri.html.

“Ricci links the jazz mastery of Howard Levy, with the blues precision of Jerry Portnoy and hits speeds that make John Popper look like he’s standing still.” -Brad Kava (Mercury News)

“Instead of trying to be the next Little Walter via Estrin/Piazza/Wilson or blowing high-end speed harp like John Popper or Sugar Blue, Ricci relies on an individualistic style that has touches of his heroes, but more often is all Ricci.” -Art Tipaldi (writer for Blues Revue Magazine and author of Sons of the Blues)


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