The Gillis Silo

The Gillis Silo

The Gillis Silo is a five piece country music band from Baton Rouge making waves throughout the South with their own brand of music that fans have dubbed “Country on the Rocks”.

Formed in the mountains of northern Afghanistan, The Gillis Silo evolved from the friendship of classically trained piano player Ben Vige and life-long Singer/Songwriter Caleb Paul who met in the United States Army and served overseas together in Kabul from 2012-2013. Ben and Caleb called upon accomplished and experienced Baton Rouge musicians Jordan Snyder, Jared Daigle, and Karl Boudreaux upon their return home to carefully construct their alternative rock infused country sound that has their supporters across the country and around the globe chomping at the bit for live performances and demanding more music to download. With every screaming iconic guitar solo, crash of the cymbals, punch of the bass, warm embrace of ambient sound, and impassioned delivery of every lyric, The Gillis Silo’s live performances, unique sound, and truthful autobiographical stories demand nothing short of your undivided attention.

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