Fred LeBlanc


I was born deaf.

Funny, when you think about it now. When I was a baby I was kind of a lump, lost in my own world. So in order to draw me out my folks would lay my head on the stereo speakers we had in our old living room, blasting classical music and show tunes in the hope that the vibrations would get through to me.

The old family story is that I could sing before I could talk. Since my lungs were underdeveloped the doctors couldn’t operate to remove the blockage in my ears until I was 3 years old. Music was, and always has been, my first method of communication.

These days I’m fortunate to play drums and sing lead in a traveling rock n’ roll band called Cowboy Mouth. It it my dream band, especially now more than ever. I used to play in a band awhile back called Dash Rip Rock. Man, those were some crazy times, but I lived thru them and learned alot. Recently found some old video from those times. Maybe I’ll put some of it up on youtube or something. I also played in a band called the Backbeats, as well as having my own band called The Medicine Show in between Dash and CM when I lived in Georgia for a little while. A lot of folks don’t know about that one. We were a kicking little band, though. Played some great shows, had some fun…

Oscar the Grouch was my childhood hero. I loved how he told people off and didn’t have to clean up his room or anything! So I asked my Santa for a garbage can for Christmas when I was five. Lo and behold, on Christmas morning, there it was!! It was awesome. And my parents loved it, too. It kept me occupied. They though Santa had delivered them the greatest kids’ toy ever. Until one day i turned it over…and i hit it, like a drum. I was a goner from then on. Found my purpose right then and there.

Been playing music all over the world for many years and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m very fortunate to be able to do what I do and have done my best to express that gratitude whenever possible. Like anyone, I’ve made more than my share of mistakes in this life…and will probably will continue to. No one is perfect, by any means. And judgement is something best reserved for the next life.

This site is just a way to express myself creatively. I sincerely hope that people can enjoy said creativity, whether its my music, art, or writing, or whatever I care to indulge myself in. Its meant to be fun.

I know this isn’t a typical bio in any sense, but I guess I’m not a typical…anything. I don’t really like talking about me too much. Just browse the site and you’ll get an idea of creatively what I’m about.

Bon appetite!
Fred, 11-09


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