Diggs Darcy and The Junk Band


Some people moved out and left some of their belongings discarded on the side of the road. When the county picked it up and brought it to the landfill, it merged with other discarded things to make a beautiful sound coming across the horizon. Some people gawked at it and walked away – others were enthralled by this new thing that was clanging. Some of those that have walked away have ended up coming back without their noses turned up. The sound we make being a little like drinking scotch to them. We are an acquired taste – just add four cubes of ice and pretty soon you will be drinking straight from the bottle.

We can sound like a bunch of silverware in the dryer with a backing band of blow dryers. Maybe similar to when the starter is going out in your car, and it makes that loud scratching noise mixed up with the moans of a man and his broken heart. A bunch of damn noise is what we are…

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