Denton Hatcher and The Soapbox Blues

Denton Hatcher

Denton Hatcher’s music is all at once as diverse and familiar as the musicians who hail from his hometown of Vicksburg, MS. From the country sounds of Tommy Bishop, to the blues styling’s of Willie Dixon, to the extreme crossover appeal of George McConnell (Widespread Panic), all Vicksburg natives, Hatcher, the long time “go to” lead guitarist for many South Louisiana bands,has taken his experience in life and music to become one of the south’s premiere budding singer/songwriters. Hatcher’s songs bring the listener on a musical journey of love, heart ache, self doubt, and rebirth. His lyrical content is painful and beautiful, simple and clever in a mix of southern soul with a country twist. Simplicity is the key factor to holding all of these influences together. Hatcher gives us a glimpse into his personal life journal with his songs. He is not afraid to show the listener his dark underbelly, and he is just as quick to share his love for a transitioning life full of opportunity and adventure. It is easy to identify with his darkest moments and his greatest triumphs, as they are all situations that the heart of America suffers from and celebrates on a daily basis.

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