Colin Lake Trio


Colin Lake’s career began a few years ago in Portland, Oregon.  Long captivated by blues and roots music but raised without any formal musical training, Lake was out of high school before he began spending rainy days and nights alone with a guitar.  Very quickly though, Lake developed a strong individual style marked by innovative lap-slide guitar playing and soulful, pleading vocals.  In 2007, Colin began recording and touring and in September of that year, he won the Telluride Blues Competition.  Influenced heavily by the late Chris Whitley, Lake has also become known for mature songwriting and honest, dynamic delivery.

In Early 2009, Lake left Portland, embarking on a one-way tour that would end in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Colin arrived late one January evening with no place to live and few prospects.  It wasn’t long, however, before his powerful voice could be heard regularly at venues throughout the city and over the airwaves of WWOZ fm.   As his reputation for originality and authentic, down-home presentation continues to grow, Lake has recently begun recording a new album (slated for Summer 2011 release) that will bring his strongest material yet to new audiences along the Gulf Coast and across the country.



Wax Wane LP 2007
Bullet LP 2008
In on Time EP 2009


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