Bradley’s Circus



founded in November 2005 & on stage since January 2006

In its still short existence Bradley’ s Circus has already stolen the hearts of many a music-lover. Bradley’ s circus is a band whit a very own interpretation in style as in sound of a type of music that they themselves typify as contemporary roots. And it’s contemporary as night follows day.

Up-front two extraordinary talented ladies on vocals and blues harp sided by particularly creative guitarist/vocalist Jimmy The Lounge. Backed up by the spinning upright bass and rolling drums of Joris Verbogt and BeeWee Nederkoorn.

Mattanja Joy Bradley has a splendid powerful hoarse voice and is a feast for the eye. When she sings you first take a step back to have yourself then dragged into her story. Lidewij Veenhuis is one of the few female blues harpists in the Netherlands and perhaps even Europe and masters the art of bringing forth both beautiful soli as blowing throbbing rhythms. With Mattanja Joy Bradley she forms the double female front of the circus.

An show by Bradley’s Circus is an experience. Sometimes you are lured in a small song, sometimes you go off the road in an exuberant roots groove with splattering guitar, blues harp and a wild Mattanja Bradley.Bradley’ s Circus appeals to a much larger audience than just the roots music-lovers. The band is young wild contemporary and for everyone. Go and see and hear!!



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