Crawfish Available at The Shed

Crawfish Ocean Springs Mississippi

Why is our Crawfish different?

1.) We work directly with the crawfish farmers to assure we receive only “Large Premium Selects” that are double washed and hand picked! (Actual Crawfish in Picture)

2.) We use a house made blend of spices and pure lemon oil to give a powerhouse of flavor!

3.) We learned a method of boiling crawfish that is used deep in the heart of Louisiana! This method is used nowhere else in Mississippi! (that we know of)

4.) We have some of the best BBQ and Crawfish slingers on the planet!

5.) We are completely accessible by boat and have a 500 foot pier just for you!

6.) To top it off, we have over 180 different types of beer and 30 local brews!

Click this link to reserve your crawfish for this weekend today! We stop checking our reserve list at 2pm on Friday so that we can get out of the office! Never fear crawfish is available without reservation.

Crawfish Reserve Form

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