The Shed BBQ and Team Fitzgerald

Team Fitzgerald

“The Shed BBQ and Team Fitzgerald Families Join Forces to Preach the Delicious Goodness of Wild & Domestic Game BBQ!”

Two Nationally recognized the beloved families have joined forces to further bring the goodness and fun of grilling, smoking and other various ways of cooking wild game and domestic game BBQ to individuals and families around the world!


Dan and Guy Fitzgerald of Team Fitzgerald – long time award winning veteran video and television producers – are pioneers of the modern day bowhunting/outdoor cooking/country lifestyle video/tv movement, seminar stage presentation speakers, and founders of the Fitzgerald Hoss Buck brand product line available in thousands of stores across the U.S. and Canada.

Team Fitzgerald video and television productions are the leading family outdoor 100% Bowhunting/Outdoor Cooking productions in the nation today. Collectively, Dan & Guy have produced over 100 full-length titles and their Team Fitzgerald Television Series has been the longtime Fan Favorite 100% Bowhunting/Outdoor Cooking series on various national broadcast networks for decades and globally online.

Not only are they internationally known for their expertise in hunting, speaking and video production but Dan and Guy are equally known for their expertise in most all ways of preparing and cooking wild game, sharing a combined 95 years cooking experience. Their “from the woods to the table” approach enables them to share unique and exciting in depth, step by step techniques of utilizing every part of the animal including the lesser known cuts of meat. Dan and Guy bring as much entertainment to cooking as they do education! “I think cooking should be as fun as hunting” , says Guy. “Surprisingly, many hunters don’t really do much cooking of the game they kill themselves, and it has been our mission for decades to inspire folks to turn that around, by writing and producing fun, unique creative, easy to understand, and delicious cooking segments/recipes that the common hunter can do themselves and to benefit the whole family!”


The Orrison family, an internatinally known BBQ family are television regulars. Brother and sister team, Brad Orrison and Brooke Lewis are co-owners of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, MS. The Shed produces over a ton (2,000 pounds) of Nationally award winning BBQ, per day! The Orrison know how to barbecue and barbecue well. They are the 2015 Memphis in May International World Grand Champions. Brad, Brooke, and their parents, Linda and Craig Orrison are all co-owners of The Shed Saucery, which is the mother ship of their retail line of BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs. Their sauces are in approx. 10,000 stores across the country, Europe and New Zealand. The Saucery also is a co-packer for several other brands of sauces.

The Shed sauces and marinades have won 300+ awards over the past few years and were ranked #1 sauce in the World on in 2014!

Here is where the stars aligned for the Fitzgeralds and Orrisons to team up to share the best of their combined “game” with the art of cooking game. Team Fitzgerald has never endorsed a National brand of BBQ sauce to this level. They had their favorites of course but never put their public stamp of approval on any of them, until they tried The Shed’s Southern Sweet. From there they tried The Shed’s other products and fell in love. They then began extensive testing of the products, paring them with different types of wild game, using many techniques of cooking and studying the flavor profiles thy brought to the game. “We are all about the taste – the final result. We bring friends and family out for backyard cookouts and even do some blind taste testing and The Shed BBQ sauces consistently take the top spot among the adults and kids too! This is huge, as there are a lot of competitive BBQ sauces out there! It says a great deal about how truly amazing The Shed Sauces are. The Orrisons know what they are doing.”, says Guy.

“We Orrison’s have found a family that we are proud to be teaming up with to promote our common passions. We have a lot in common with the Fitzgerald’s and look forward to working together to promote our passions of BBQ and sharing cooking techniques for wild and domestic game. We admire the humane manner of hunting and respect the Fitzgeralds bestow to the animals they bring from field to fork”, proclaims Linda Orrison, aka “Mama Shed”, Matriarch of the Orrison clan. Linda is also the sitting President of the National Barbecue Association.


The Shed BBQ Sauces and Marinades will be featured in many upcoming Team Fitzgerald Hunting, Cooking, and Country Lifestyle Productions, reaching hundreds of thousands, via the shelves of major outdoor retail stores across the Nation and in Canada, and globally online through Team Fitzgerald’s and The Shed’s vast website and social media networks, which receive thens of thousands of unique daily page views.

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