Chuck Eye Steak vs. Rib Eye Steak

Everyone loves a good steak but beef prices are on the rise, while wallets are getting thinner. Ribeyes cut from between the 6th and 12th rib and also known as Delmonico or Beauty Steak are most likely the most popular steak out there because of their exceptional tenderness, strong flavor and marbling.

The Chuck Eye Steak not to be confused with Chuck Steak is cut from between the 5th and 6th rib so naturally they posses much of the same flavor and tenderness of the Ribeye. $6.99 vs. $16.99 a pound is what it comes down to. It is all about your choice and preference. Our Beef Blaster Marinade (coming to a store near you) is the perfect marinade for either one of those steaks. We recommend marinade them from 30 to 24 hours pulling them out of the fridge and letting them rest from 20-25 minutes unless you are in a warm house in which case you should let them rest from 10-15 minutes. Slap them on the grill and a cook it to desired temperature. Check out the video of Brooke talking about our Beef Blaster Marinade.

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4 Responses to Chuck Eye Steak vs. Rib Eye Steak

  1. kathy hinson says:

    Loved the Beef Blaster marinade on our ribeye steaks. Found your marinade at Harris Teeter in Franklin, Tn. Will be going back and buying more. Thank you!!!!

    • Kathy-

      Ribeyes are my favorite especially big fat juicy ones. Beef Blaster also happens to be my favorite marinade, I can drink the stuff, really. We are glad you found our sauce in Harris Teeter, we just got in there not to long ago. Thanks for Getting Fed at The Shed!!

      Fred Salinas
      Digital Director

  2. Kathy Perleberg says:

    can I order the beef blaster from you?

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