“Up in Smoke” Concert at The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint

7Day Binge, a combination of band members from 3 Doors Down, Kid Rock and Nashville Muzik Mafia to Play at The Shed

Again the music industry reaches out to The Shed BBQ to celebrate the rebirth of the famous Joint.  Headliner 7Day Binge with Todd Harrell from 3 Doors Down, Nashville Muzik Mafia’s Jon Nicholson, Kid Rock lead guitarist Kenny Olson and drummer extraordinaire Shannon Boone will perform on The Shed stage On Friday the 6th of April.

Though famed by their extremely popular bands, 7Day Binge has become a phenomenon of it’s own.  Their music described by Jon Nicholson is a “mix of Southern Rock and Detroit Rock that meets at a happy soulful place.”

7Day Binge has requested that ShedHeds please bring things such as old lamps, pictures of them at the Original Joint, license plates, any thing that would fit in the Shed décor or help rebuild.   So yall come on out!  Get here early to get a good seat!


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