SHEDSPRED ranked 4th in the WORLD recently ranked the Top 100 BBQ Sauces in the world, and The Shed’s ShedSpred placed 4th and our Rubs placed 12th! Sweet Baby Rays took 1st and world famous Cattleman’s took 7th. The sauce and rub were ranked on the following criteria.

  1. Competition’s Won
  2. Total Retail Sales
  3. Teams winning with the sauce
  4. Overall Reputation
  5. Number of places stocked internet and retail

The full list can be viewed here.  Thanx for helping us place 4th and 12th and for Gettin Fed at The Shed!

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  1. Phil & Betty MINEREAU says:

    Greetings from Chedigny. We are terribly sorry about what happened…just heard about the event today by Eliane and Jean-Pierre….We are also thankful to all your community who help for a quick reconstruction. We have a thought for all of you and specially Hazel. God bless you!

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