Talk to the PitMasters: The Difference Between BBQ & Grilling

I’m sure most of you know the difference between grilling and BBQ right? Grilling is, well…. grilling. BBQ-ing is a process of slowly smoking your Brisket, Pork Shoulder or Butt, Ribs, Chicken, Turkeys, Sausage…. anything that you want to infiltrate that wonderfully flavorful smoke ring into to give it that ‘straight from the pit’ tenderness, taste and aroma. There are thousands of BBQ cookbooks on the market, two exceptional ones are Peace, Love and Barbecue by ‘the Legend’ Mike Mills and Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book by another legend Chris Lilly. You will learn from the Masters in these books.

Barbeque is the most critiqued food product in the world today. It’s not very often that someone tells you to go to the Golden Dragon because their won tons are better than Imperial Buffet’s… now do they…but you mention barbeque and you’ll get an ear full! Many a beer has been drunk in the backyards of America with opinions flying about what sauce, wrap or not to wrap, what kind of wood to add to the smoker and a plethora of other BBQ related topics. It’s never ending! Warning: never get on the conversation of vinegar based vs sweet Southern sauce with a true BBQ nut!

Have you ever wished you could talk to a real Pit Master and get some good hints and advise? Here’s an invitation to talk directly to The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint’s Nationally Award Winning PitMasters. Brad Orrison, the Founder of The Shed, Hobson Cherry, Senior PitMaster and PitMaster Darrell Johnson. There’s not one of them that’s shy so ask them anything! Share some of your BBQ experiences and get to know them…they are really great guys!

Linda Orrison

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7 Responses to Talk to the PitMasters: The Difference Between BBQ & Grilling

  1. Tom Westfall says:

    I was at your place in Ocean Springs just this past Monday and while I really enjoy BBQ I’ve never had anything like yours. Of course, I’ve had many people tell me about this place or that place and they’ve never lived up to the hype. So, while visiting family in Gautier it was suggested that we try The Shed. Sounded good enough to me, certainly sounded better than any of the Casinos or fast food places. But again, whenever any tells me that it’s the best BBQ you’ve ever eaten, my first reaction is sure, we’ll see. I FOUND IT! We all shared our foods, the baby back ribs, the spare ribs, the chicken, and the sausage were all the best I had ever eaten. As I write this, my mouth waters just thinking about it. I see on your website that your sauces are for sale and I’ll be placing an order in just a minute but I didn’t see any of your rubs for sale… How come? Please, please sell me some rub!

    • We are glad that you got to visit and had a GREAT time and loved our bbq. Sorry about not having our rub online but our store is pretty new so we are still in the process of adding products, if you give us a call at 228.875.8577 we can hook you up, we ship ribs too if you ever get a craving. Send me your physical address at and I will send you an Official ShedHed Pin since you are obviously one. Thanks so much and appreciate your compliments. Thanx for Gettin’ Fed at The Shed


  2. Jeremy in Ridgecrest says:

    Are my eyes mistaken me or did I notice in your reply that you ship RIBS? I was working on the Oil Spill last year in Pascagoula last year and would frequent the Shed almost every other day! I try to recreate the ribs at home but mine suck and California is a big disappointment for anything BBQ. Please let me know how to order and I will place a shipment immediately!!! Is it just BBQ I can order or can I order a side dish? Just an FYI I broke my moms heart after I had your Potato Salad because I had to tell her how amazing it was. She will get over it though! Thank you

    • You are not playing tricks on you. We currently do not ship ribs online, but will soon. For now though you can go ahead and give us a call at 228.875.9590 to place your order for ribs. Check out this months grilling issue of Better Homes and Gardens for some of our recipes!

  3. Jeremy in Ridgecrest says:

    Thank you and my order will be placed this coming week!!! 🙂

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