The Shed BBQ Competition Team

Memphis in May Grand Champion

In the world of BBQ, competition is keen and emotions run high. Teams gather from all over the country to put their BBQ up against the best of the best. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but in 2015 we Won WORLD GRAND CHAMPION AT MEMPHIS IN MAY among other awards like the 2014 World Championship in Brisket and 1st recently 1st place sauce in Galax Virginia. The list is long so make sure to check them out under the Awards Section.

We would like you to meet our Competition Team. Of course, our team dynamics changes as to how large the competition and how far from home it is but here are the regulars!

The Shed BBQ Competition Team Regulars

Brad Orrison
HeadShedHed, Pitmaster and Presenter
Team member since 2002

Hobson Cherry
Senior PitMaster
Team member since 2002

Craig, Daddy O Orrison
Grill Master, Gopher
Team member since 2002

Brooke Lewis
Time Analyzer, Princess of Pork
Team member since 2002

Linda Orrison
Garnish Guru and head booth designer
Team member since 2002

Brett Orrison
Taste tester extraordinaire and cooking assistant
Team member since 2002

Scott Zink
Team getter doner’and Shedstyle architect
Team member since 2008

Grandpa Smith

Supervisor and Dirty Old Man (his shirt says so!)
Team member since 2002

Hazel Turner
Booth designer and seamstress
Team member since 2007

Mr. Jim
Official Beer Drinker and First Shed Customer